Mario Ramirez Reyes, also known to Hispanic audiences as El Comodín (Jack of all trades – his nickname) is a Mexican actor, comedian, writer, director, and producer of film, television, and theater who gained notoriety when he headlined the most luxurious theater show of the 90’s in Mexico: “El Show de las Estrellas” (The Star’s Show) which set attendance records at prominent theaters Teatro Lírico, Aldama, Fru-Fru, Venustiano Carranza, and Teatro Blanquita in Mexico as well as then popular Hispanic theaters in the United States Teatro Los Pinos, Teatro Bay, and Teatro México

In “Sabotage,” the action film star Arnold Schwarzenegger & Mario Ramirez, portraying DEA agent Breacher and Mexican Comandante respectively, exchange a solution to a bloody war between drug cartels and the police in a film written & directed by David Ayer.

Another memorable character portrayed by Ramirez is the legendary Commander Che Guevara in History Channel’s “The True Story of Che Guevara.” In this fascinating documentary based on the book of biographer John Lee Anderson, Mario Ramirez’s resemblance to the famous rebel is such that it is hard to tell where his images begin and where the actual Che Guevara appears.

Mario Ramirez’s talent to impersonate voices was his ticket to enter the dubbing world. He loaned his voice to Disney’s character “Goofy” in Spanish. But his most memorable impersonation is the one he makes of Mexico’s most famous comedian, Cantinflas. Mario is the lead of “No hay Derecho Joven” (No young man is right) the first feature film about the life of the late Mario Moreno, Cantinflas.

On stage, in front of a camera or behind a microphone, Mario Ramirez is a true showman. His talent to write comedy as well as his art to impersonate multiple characters in Spanish and also to create new ones based on people from all walks of life, have allowed him to conquer the stages of several countries. His shows are filled with humor, music, impersonations, ventriloquism, parodies, sketches and improvisation; they always have something new, not two shows are alike.

Mario Ramirez has also made his humor accessible to the general public through his seminars in Spanish “Laughter therapy” and “Stand-up & Comedy techniques.” People interested in learning his secrets to humor can greatly benefit from them.

Mario’s voice can currently be heard in multiple radio and TV commercials and also in the Spanish version of TV shows Mix Martial Arts (MMA) & Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Mario has been the lead of several films where he portrays comedic and dramatic roles with equal ease. His dramatic roles include the Mexican Commander of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film “Sabotage,” Che Guevara in History Channel’s documentary “The True Story of Che Guevara,” Chendo Muñoz in the cult film “The Price of the American Dream” and the lead characters in Mexican films “El Culebrero” and “El Güero Estrada.” Mario’s comedic acting roles include Cantinflas in feature film “No hay Derecho Joven” (No young man is right) as well as the leading roles in “Se la sacó Gaspar” (Gaspar Won) and “Acábame de Matar” (Just Kill Me).

The Hispanic Network Telemundo hired Mario Ramirez as a comedian and writer for “La Hora Lunática” (The Lunatic Hour) a daily variety show that earned top ratings. For several years and while still working for Telemundo, Mario was also hired by Hispanic radio station TenQ 1020, to join Los Angeles radio personality Humberto Luna. In the daily radio show, Ramirez gave life to many funny characters that were in charge of practical jokes and various humorous segments, just like he did in a highly successful radio show of Mexico: “Con Kippy Casados vamos de gane”.

Mario was the host and comedian of “El Show de las Estrellas” (The Show of the Stars) Mexico’s most luxurious theater spectacle that set unprecedented assistance records in Mexico, Panama, Peru & California. Several of the stars he impersonated came to see him, including Antonio Espino “Clavillazo” who also became his artistic Godfather.
The prestige that Mario Ramírez earned for his impersonations of Mexico’s top comedy characters: Tin-Tan, Resortes, Clavillazo and the top female comedic character in Spanish, la India María, allowed him to fill Mexico’s top theaters: Lírico, Frú-Frú, Blanquita, Aldama, Venustiano Carranza, Insurgentes Theater, Jorge Negrete Theater, Teatro de la ciudad and many others.

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